Our Firm’s Professional Approach To Premises Liability Claims

Being injured due to unsafe or defective property conditions is a serious situation to be in. Not only are you are trying to properly treat your injury, but you must also consider the factor of medical bills.

The financial harm that can result from sustaining an injury can greatly impact your future. What’s more, being monetarily limited to medical care can drastically affect the extent to which you are able to recover.

If you have been injured due to negligent property conditions, it is likely that you have a valid premises liability claim to pursue. Because of the complex nature of the legal system surrounding this area of law, the best way to approach your case is with a qualified premises liability accident lawyer. With an established background in these matters, our team of attorneys will be able to construct your case utilizing their understanding of practical legal tactics.

At Will Parker Law, LLC, we build our cases based on knowledge and understanding. Our legal methods are grounded in our diverse experience representing a vast array of cases. This has enabled us to offer each case an individualized technique that is informed by many years of adept legal practice. Will Parker Law holds our clients in the highest regard and strives to offer them the legal protection they deserve as they navigate difficult situations.

Wondering What A Premises Liability Lawyer Can Do For You?

A premises liability lawyer is a multi-faceted professional that will play many roles in your claims process. Their counsel will offer you insight as to whether your case has the potential to recover the compensation you deserve.

From there, your attorney will construct a case on your behalf based on evidence and circumstances. They will take this case to the insurance companies with the intention of reaching a financial settlement. Given the fact that insurance companies often try to evade paying out personal injury victims, your attorney has the responsibility of negotiating with them in order to agree on an acceptable compensation plan.

Private And Public Premises Liability

Why Do You Need A Private Liability Lawyer?

If your injury happened on private property, there are specific steps that a private liability lawyer must take to prove your case.

This process is similar to filing any other kind of personal injury claim. Your attorney will submit a demand, which will typically be handled by the occupier or owner’s insurance company. If the insurance company finds that they are liable, your lawyer must then submit adequate proof showing both your financial and non-financial losses.

From there, the insurance company could offer a settlement. If the settlement is fair, your case will end. If the offer is not fair, then your case will need to go to trial to recover fitting compensation.

Why Should You Call A Public Liability Lawyer?

Much like private property, if your injury occurred on public property, there are particular actions that should be taken. In this circumstance, your public liability lawyer will build your case in the same way, but will be dealing with different insurance companies as well as government entities. This will introduce procedural hurdles due to the fact that you are dealing with the government. Therefore, your lawyer must keep in mind the filing deadlines, among other governmental protocols.

Why Choose Will Parker Law, LLC For Your Premises Liability Lawsuit?

Will Parker Law, LLC prioritizes the safety and wellbeing of our clients in Murrells Inlet, SC. With over 30 years of experience, we are eager to provide our comprehensive legal services to those who are in need of capable premises liability representation.

If you have been involved in a premises liability case, please do not hesitate to contact our office today for an initial consultation.

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